Name:Shuzo Kishida
Date of Birth: August 8th, 1974
Born: Aichi Prefecture, Japan

1993 Joined French restaurant “La Mer” in Shima Kanko Hotel, Mie Prefecture, Japan
1996 Joined French restaurant “K M”,Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2000 Moved to France and trained in kitchens ranging from single to triple Michelin starred restaurants
2003 Joined now 3 star Michelin restaurant "L'Astrance", Paris, managed by Pascal Barbot.
2004 Appointed “Sous-Chef”, the second chef in command, of "L'Astrance"
Nov. 2005 Invited to the most prominent congress of international cuisine, “Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia” sponsored by Garcia Santos in San Sebastián, Spain, for a joint demonstration with Pascal Barbot.Left “L’Astrance” and returned to Japan
Mar. 2006 Opened “restaurant Quintessence”
Nov.2007 Awarded four years consecutive (from 2008 to 2011) as
the “three-star” restaurant by the Michelin Guide Rouge Tokyo
Apr. 2011 Succeeded the management & operation from Granada Ltd.,
and became the owner chef of Restaurant Quintessence
Aug.2014 Moved to the new location Kita Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku


The food served at “restaurant Quintessence” follows the culinary flow of the 3 Michelin starred restaurant "L'Astrance" where I had my training experience. That is the cuisine which thoroughly pursues 3 processes; <Respecting the “produit (product)” > , <Pursuing “cuisson(cooking process)” > and <Attention to detail in “assaisonné(the seasoning process)”>. I believe that these 3 processes are important than no other. With that in mind, I like to add a touch of humor and a poetic accent to my dishes for my guests to enjoy. I hope you will have the chance to discover these messages to you in the food I prepare.

About "L'Astrance"

The 3 processes